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Oh man, this is literally a phoenix risen from the ashes - tried all the possible alternative variations (Bentley Absolute , CdG2, Gucci Guilty Absolute, and 2,3 others) but nothing comes closer to the original GpH as this one. Wearing both of them and going back and forth between right and left arm for the last 6 hours. There is an 5% offmark in sharpness and intesity but only a trained nose will be able to pick this up (PO more so than GpH1): Monsieur Almairac had his olfactory and memory sinapses in the right place when he worked on this modern version. Doubt it could get better. Damn expensive (reborn as a niche and 3x more expensive than its grandfather at the time) but still is a no brainer compared to the ridiculour exorbitant prices of the original hard to find nowadays. If you loved the original GpH this one won´t disappoint. Hope they´ll keep it alive enough for me to save money for backup bottles!

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