Colbourne's Review of Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella

Glory be, Acqua di Cuba is larger than life. From its pithy, golden-hued citrus fanfare to it's tobacco-infused honey and clary sage absolute heart, this is bright yet sensuous, utterly intoxicating, and a powerhouse for the books. A saturated fullness envelops the wearer but never is so heavy as to suffocate—Acqua di Cuba is more a seduction. Come here, lover boy.....hey lover boy....

While it is a more recent release from old world wonderland that is Santa Maria Novella, there is still that signature classicism that enchants me. I am almost motivated to take it to the next level and reach for some moustache wax, carry a pocket watch, and don a tweed suit with riding boots. That would be something, as I stare at my worn henley and lived-in Banana Republic slacks. I think my fragrances will eventually transform me into a dandy one day.

Anyhow, Acqua di Cuba is dandy, beguiling even. The dry down has this cinnamic quality replacing the quenched qualities earlier in the development, with facets of aged, oxidized tobacco leaves in all their rawness fading into the scene, distant and wistful, like a faded memory you cling onto with all your heart, as you (and perhaps your lover) nuzzle into your skin.

This, people, is what we really call a stunner.

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