Colbourne's Review of One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

This one was just too easy to blind buy as it's dirt cheap. It is extraordinary, if not polarizing, to say the least (just look at the hilariously scathing reviews the precede my own).

There are elements of the powerhouse classics of yore: element Roger & Gallet Open, Cartier Santos, Lapidus Pour Homme. Loud, strident, not for niminy-piminy types who don't want to get NOTICED. You will get NOTICED, because this projects like a sasquatch in heat.

When the nuclear blast of the top notes settle, you are greeted by a muskrat presenting a platter of McDonald's apple pies, reminding me somewhat of the dirtier aspects of Balenciaga Pour Homme or Bogart's own Witness. I swear that Bogart's master perfumer on the civet and castoreum ingredients from their palette and left them uncredited just to mess with us all.

Some 12 hours later, it persists, still it persists, with a wall of Isoraldeine 70 and radiant musks. Holy Mother of God, this is radioactive. I think I'll need a Silkwood shower.

Seriously though, I kinda LOVE Gold Edition for all its olfactory barbarism and am happy it's in the collection.

I think from now on though my application method for this one will be spray, delay, and walk away.

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