Subhuman's Review of Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

Like no other perfume I've smelled. Fresh, dirty, crisp, raunchy, luminous, spare, biting, silky, vaporous, sculptural, familiar, exotic. Chic with a knowing wink. The ultimate skin scent. It reeks of sensual pleasures and old-world elegance, yet is as brisk and bold as an autumn dawn, reminding us that classic perfumes needn't be treated like dusty museum pieces. Full-bodied citrus, bright florals and sinewy spices ride carefree on a sun-warmed leather saddle. Eau d'Hermès feels vibrant and alive, almost elemental, like something perfect borne of nature. There's nothing I would add or take away here, no room for improvement. It's fresh when I want fresh, sexy when I want sexy. It doesn't outstay its welcome, and it gives my day a glinting edge, with a sense of cheeky joy. Eau d'Hermès is not a safe blind buy - please trust me on this - but if you're on its wavelength, you won't find much better.

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