tinfoilhatdude's Review of Pour Un Homme Millésime 2014 by Caron

Stunningly gorgeous fragrance!!

I've never smelled a better interpretation of lavender, which never even hints at 'dryer sheets'.

The vanilla is perfectly done, just to take the green edge off the lavender, which was never 'sharp'. It never feels sweet, and definitely does not cloy, although I have not worn in heat or humidity.

The Amber never takes center stage, never becomes powdery, but supports the other players perfectly.

These are the best quality materials I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. Bar none.

But on my skin, this just doesn't last. And I'm sure it is my skin chemistry, as many of my favorite aromatics have the exact same problem:. Gianfranco Ferre For Men, Francisco Smalto Pour Homme, Montana Parfum d'Homme, etc.

I tried spraying on clothes, but it doesn't smell as beautiful as on skin. I feel let down, because I know how great it smells on skin and I'm missing out.

A real gem, and I am very glad to have had the chance to try it.

9/10, but subjectively due to performance on my skin chemistry.

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