rbaker's Review of Thé Vert / Green Tea (original) by L'Occitane

It opens with a good rendering of Japanese green tea; not very intense but done nicely. An undertone of citrus - orange and tangelo with an undertone of orange zest - adds a touch of freshness.

Later on I get a green, bright and soft jasmine. This jasmine is without a significant wood components, ad merges with the teal very well, and becomes more dominant with time. Herbal undertones, some thyme with whiffs of a grassy aroma appear transiently.

Towards the end a woodsy phase emerges; mainly cedar, but whiffs of a weak oak wood are evident too on me. There is still some jasmine in tin even closer to the end phase.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and 5 hours of longevity on my skin.

A good green t scent for cooler summer days, made of good quality ingredients, but a bit weaker and a tad more generic in the last phase. Overall 3.25/5

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