rbaker's Review of Jasmin Angélique by Atelier Cologne

A bright combination of lemon and pepper open up the olfactory stage, but in good balanced with each other; the pepper is not very strong on me. Some angelica is evident but weaker.

On a wave of Iso-E Super one is carried to the heart notes, where a jasmine is dominant. It is a bright jasmine that lacks any woodsiness of powderiness on me. hist of dates, galbanum - very week the latter - and whiffs of dried dates comes and go. a slightly ambery aroma starts to be added in the background, a development that continues into the base.

The prominent component of the base notes is a lashing with bright white musks, mined with a tonka impression that, interestingly, is less sweet on me than the musks. Undertones of a very discreet incense come and go; this incense is really quite weak and perfunctory on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and six hour of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant bright and light-filled start of this scent for warmer sprog and autumn days does not detract from the rather generic and bland character of the subsequent phases, especially the base. Not bad, but all synthetic support does not neutralises the lack of vividness and intensity for most of this product's olfactory development. A bit middle-of-the-road. 2.75/5

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