drseid's Review of New Sibet by Slumberhouse

New Sibet goes on with carrot-like iris before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart remnants of the iris remain in support, coupling with a slightly rugged leather accord that takes the fore with subtle green mint additional support. During the late dry-down the leather accord remains, now shedding its iris and mint support, swapping their places with woody oakmoss laden smoky ash through the relatively brief finish. Projection is well below average and longevity below average at 6-7 hours on skin.

Slumberhouse has always been a bit of hit or miss with my tastes, and in truth mostly miss. I was hopeful that New Sibet would join the ranks of the couple winners I have sniffed from the house over the years, but alas it is another dud to a large degree. Things immediately got off to a bad start as the clinical carrot-like iris exuded a smell not unlike rubbing alcohol on skin. The mint infused leather heart is a bit better, but the mint smells a tad odd, not quite melding with the leather as the perfumer surely intended. The smoky ash leather finish ends things as off-putting as they began to the tastes of this writer. I have certainly sniffed far worse from Slumberhouse than New Sibet, but after sitting idle for 5 years awaiting for me to muster the courage to give it a couple full wearings on skin, my sample is going right into the waste basket where it belongs. The bottom line is the apparently discontinued New Sibet has a smell that earned its early retirement yielding a "below average" 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5 rating and an avoid recommendation to all but the most ardent Slumberhouse fanatics.

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