Darvant's Review of Amber Oud Tobacco Edition by Al Haramain

Warm, piquant, "seasoned" tobacco-spicy oriental (semi-gourmand). Sort of bombastic "on steroids" spicier version of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. A spicy monster, exotic but not exactly "sultry". Actually the two fragrances (this one and Tobacco Vanille) are not kind of almost identical (very similar but each of them with its peculiar soul and nature under my profane nose) since I perceive Al Haramain Amber Oud Tobacco Edition substantially spicier (kind of really peppery) and more properly virile and warm (with a touch of boozy like a Captain Morgan rhum). Cloves and tobacco are heady in this potent peppery gourmandish oriental. Frankly I prefer this one on the somewhat one dimensional and more properly vanillic Tobacco Vanille (which is moreover far more expensive and linear). Opening is quite bombastic, "sweetly sour", aromatic (ginger, star anice, a touch of lavender?) and fruity (dry fruits? dates?). In a while cloves and pepper take the scene as main olfactory protagonists along with woods, resins (amber, frankincense, woody resins), tonka bean and yummy tobacco. The latter is never smokey but more properly yummy, sweet (a la Franch Boclet Tobacco), cinnamonic, dusty, vaguely nutty and peppery. Vanilla is well calibrated, cocoa beans barely adumbrated in order to round up the aromatic affair. I love to spray this fragrance on my chest since I fully enjoy its piquant aromatic sexy (intoxicating) aura. One of the spiciest creations I've experienced on skin so far (eyes catching and panties dropper). Nuclear duration and projection on my skin. Lovely presentation and bottle.


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