Shahbaz_2009's Review of Siberian Musk by Areej le Doré

Paints a mental image of a weekend camping trip in autumn with several impromptu quickies behind bushes in the moonlight as the last embers of the fire are dying down,the scent oglf smoke in your hair and warm,sticky, partially melted marshmallows licked off of sweaty flesh because you are both horny and nobody else is there the witness your silly sexcapades in the cool dark night.

It is so incredibly elegant.the opening has brightness of orange with mulled spices.amber, musk and woody accords,given just a tiny edge with the vetiver and cypress.the animalic notes isn't overpowering,but it is definitely lurking about in the background to remind you this is not sweet,simple treat for little guys.it is very traditional as a spicy musky oriental perfume.if you like oriental vintages,you may just like this.

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