Darvant's Review of Cozé Verdé 2.1 by Parfumerie Generale

I've loved a lot and actually still appreciate so much the classic and iconic Cozé 02 (cozy ambiences, fine cigars, perfumed tobacco, seasoned woods, old libraries, refined gentlemen). As well as compared to the former (which is a straightforwardly virile creation imo) this "soothed down" green "less intellectual" Pierre Guillaume's newer version (while equally settling on a common peppery base of cocoa, prickly spices, tobacco, woods and coffee, reinforced by bitter licorice and paprika) tends gradually to evolve towards something gentler/silkier/greener (more on the unisex side) with a dominant figgy note well laced to a suave suede-presence, some muskiness, exotic woods and a tad of undisherned florals. Opening is fresher (with a green/aromatic and hesperidic -somewhat fougère- presence) than in the classic drier Cozé. The note of tobacco is indeed fresh and exotic, perfectly connected to lime, aromatic greens and "open space" fig tree (vaguely heliotropic in vibe). The atmosphere is "wider and cooler" with hints of exoticism from tonka, fig tree, citric tobacco and fresh woods. The ghostly coffee note is dry and fresh while paprika enhances the exotic spicy vibe. Lot of spices in the mix. It seems to detect a not listed vetiver (not an earthy one I mean) but something green/musky/exotic and smooth a la Guarlain Vetiver (something well connected to smooth tobacco, suede, exotic tonka bean and musk) but in this case woodier (dry woods) and with a soft and well calibrated tobacco/suede-presence. Coze Verde 2.1 is definitely a quite good fragrance. The combination of fresh/wet and drier notes is well executed here by Guillaume. The scent overall is relatively sweet, but the sweetness never becomes dusturbing. The combination of fig tree, fresh tobacco and suede in dominant. This fragrance unfolds a figgy cool "far lands vibe" (with a solid woody basement a la Classic Cozé) vibe but does not project that "old library" or "gentleman cozy" spark a la Cozé. As far as development goes ahead, the scent is somewhat linear revealing soon its green message (but with a vague pencil-shavings hidden cedary spark which I don't crave for). A solid take which anyway could quite hardly match my full olfactory appreciation.

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