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This fragrance is almost all about its stylistic bottle being the juice itself samewhat pale and uninspired. A connection between salty-aromatic and ambery elements with a dark urban touch from tonka bean and bitter cocoa. Sporty, darkly virile, metropolitan and salty-cedary, a juice for "minimal" contemporary fancy urban fellows with no idea about vintage tuxedos, 80's luxurious leatherwears-boutiques and the classic Bernard Chant's olfactory sleights of hand. This weird juice starts out "growling" with a liquid cardamomish green aura which is aromatic, lemony and kind of woody/salty in a way to exude a sort of sea-weeds like effect (probably the arid effect from liquid pepper, bergamot and cedarwood perhaps even supported by salty-ozonic molecules). Pepper, cedarwood and sage are dominant along with this weird synth kind of salty-ozonic-lemony molecule connected to tonka bean and cocoa (which does not perform as a typical cocoa bean note but as something toasted/metallic connected to woody-aromatic saltiness, soapy tonka bean and green aromatics). The effect is really synth in a virile salty way a la cheaper Bottega Verde Uomo Nero d'Ambra (dark, cedary-woody and aromatic).

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