Darvant's Review of Les Exceptions : Woodissime by Thierry Mugler

Woodissime is a well appointed floral/resinous (really resinous in its initial and central stage) accord taking part to the new Thierry Mugler-collection Les Exceptions announced as “Daring, breathtaking, addictive, noble ... a new dimension in the fragrance universe, Designer Perfume." This fragrances is based on floral, oriental, musky and chypre accents. It seems the Mugler's aim being to reintroduce several masterpieces of traditional perfumery as conveyed into the future with significantly amplified ingredients and original notes. The Woodissime's resinous approach is oudish, spicy, sweet and growling in its power. You can easily discern that typical oudish gassy-sugary spark quite "Montalesque" (a la Intense Cafè to quote one), synth and balsamic but with a "golden" ambery/floral/talky touch a la Amouage Gold woman (at least just in part). Osmanthus provides its noble sophisticated spark (one of the main Woodissime's qualities) with its touch of languid and royal romanticism. Resins are sugary, ambery and spicy, quite sweet throughout. This resinous side is for a while almost burnt sugary and peppery (quite enjoyable, warm and sensual) while the supreme woodiness turns finally out sharper, kind of dusty, cedary, misty and vaguely pencil-shaving a la Gucci Pour Homme. This woodiness provides hints of "saltiness" counteracting and balancing the dominant sweetness. A touch of muskiness (a la Elie Saab Le Parfum) completes the olfactory spectrum. This juice is profound/assertive and glamour-chic at same time with its initial and central "goldness". Dry down is more reatrained but still sugary, oudish and warm. This is a presenceful fragrance, not particularly refined or original but definitely powerful and warm (sexy and erotic on the right skin).

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