Darvant's Review of Emporio Armani Stronger With You Intensely by Giorgio Armani

Addictive spicy toffeesh "cozy ambience like" oriental-gourmandish with an irresistible enveloping aura and a Christmas-like "engarlanded" mood. Stronger with you Intensely, a sort of affordable piece of cozy spiciness a la Idole de Lubin but with no boozy traits, a more properly gourmand-oriental aura and a less resinous deep substance. Super spicy italian oriental gourmand and a plain wow factor. The vibrant sensuality of a voluptuous bunch of spices combined with fresh inebriating patterns and a final amberish toffee-like dry down. Caramel is there, with its coffee-cocoa-vanilla-like nuances and its irresistible edible power but Stronger with you Intensely is not just a piece of yummy creaminess, being moreover a more structured affair (green, peppery, aromatic, floral and woody) with its woody-leathery-herbal structure. This fragrance opens freshly intoxicating with a dramatically sheer accord of notable dry/piquant spices (lot of black pepper), lavender, juniper, violet and woods while quickly ending town (with a pale middle floral transition) oriented towards a spicy gourmand suedish-vanillic dry down. Amber is not resinous but anyway rich and rounded. Violet, leather and sharp woods provide for a while that infamous cedary gassy feel which I definitely don't crave for. I'd have preferred some not listed patchouli in the mix somewhere. Cinnamon is heady and waiving throughout, well combined with the amberish final mélange while the suedish touch is soft and well calibrated with the oriental elements. This fragrance is simply addictive and erotic while being polite, "quiet" and comforting at same time, sex inside a mountain cottage or a cultured/intimate chat in front of a cozy fire. Durable and with a moderate sillage. Unisex but leaning towards the masculine side imo.

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