Darvant's Review of L'Interdit Rouge by Givenchy

A cleaner new-generation sort of Cacharel LouLou for us (less vanillic, less complex and more icy/musky and tuberose-centered). A peppery/almondy/mentholated/musky (vaguely heliotropic) tuberose for us. Super spicy and kind of fruity (it seems to detect blueberries kind of blended with almondy juice, mastering tuberose and vanilla). The note of tuberose is syrupy, orangy, musky, almondy/mentholated and saffrony. The icy/mentholated vibe exudes a sort of Ange ou Demon's frosty vibe. L'Interdict Rouge it's juicy and vibrant, a sensual chic fragrance ideal for frost winter down town nights out.

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“A "cleaned up" new-generation sort of brand new Cacharel LouLou for us by Givenchy (being L'Interdic…” Read More

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