AspicMyopic's Review of Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Old Spice has been around since 1937 and more than 80 years later it continues to sell because:
1. It's affordable and very accessible.
2. It's a well established and known brand.
3. It smells good.
Some may turn their noses up against Old Spice due to it being a common and cheap fragrance, but for what it is it's actually a pretty good fragrance. Old Spice is an old barbershop scent and so it will appeal more to older men, but the fact that it is still sold on supermarket shelves everywhere after more than 80 years means that it must have some intergenerational users. There is a complex range of notes in Old Spice but in the opening I get spicy, citrus and woody notes. As the fragrance settles some floral notes come through but the fragrance continues to be warm, spicy and a little powdery. I love the classic barbershop genre so naturally I like Old Spice. There is no doubt that the success of this scent over the years has inspired other fragrances within this genre. The humble ordinary man's scent that has had more impact within perfumery and socially than what we perhaps realise. Overall I like Old Spice even though the current plastic bottled formulation is weaker and lacks the performance of the glass bottled classic of 25 years ago. I enjoy wearing it at home after grooming, it's not something I wear outside very often apart from maybe a trip to the supermarket or running errands. I tend not to wear Old Spice to work or to social occasions mainly because it is an older barbershop scent that many people would probably associate with their father or grandfather, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I prefer to use more refined or contemporary scents when out and about. Nonetheless respect to this stalwart of the fragrance world.

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