Darvant's Review of Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense by Kenzo

Truly an excellent fougère ozonic-marine little gem (for all the lovers of the infamous salty genre). The serenity of oceanic breeze, a fresh-warm salty/mild peppery virile embrace, definitely a sensual romantic fragrance full of western dynamism and eastern silent mystery (with a landmark japanese assertive soul) inspired by the intensity of bamboo (aqueous, silent, enchanted). Kenzo Homme features the same woodsy genes as the great Kenzo Pour Homme and a quite "juicy-fat" (in this case figgy/honeyed) marine note a la Bond n.9 Coney Island (where the seaweeds marine patter is anyway more experimentally chocolatey and gourmandish) . A quite dark deeply oceanic impenetrable aura a la Guy Laroche Horizon (my favorite among hundreds calonic-ozonics along with the great Kenzo Pour Homme). This juice shares with the great ancestor (Kenzo Pour Homme 1991, revolutionary in its capacity to combine marine patterns and dark mossy-coniferous elements with a weird spicy/nutty vaguely honeyed mildness almost tasty in its sort of yummy "edible" attractiveness for our senses) this dark impenetrable aura (vetiver, moss, sandalwood, patchouli, a tad of coniferous resins, piquant spices, rosewood) and an intense woody-salty soul but while Kenzo Pour Homme used to turn out in to something spicier, milder and almost edible (with its sort of spicy/nutty quite "edible" dustiness) Kenzo Homme remains typically marine and intensely woodsy-salty despite a soothing figgy note "civilizing" the marine saltiness and taming each angular-metallic spark This figgy presence is (along with ozonic-marine patterns) the fragrance's hallmark and is throughout waving in the air as marvellously combined with intense saltiness and woods (mostly rosewood and peppery synth akigalawood). Dry down is wonderfully intese, kind of salty-figgy and still peppery (pink peppercorn and akigalawood). Appalling mountains loom threatening over the sea, some smoke can be seen distant over there, little ships disappear sucked by fogs, where are you all my disappeared angels of my youth? I'm losing myself in to such a grey-dazzling immensity.

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