Darvant's Review of Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc

Ultra Blue (a Mont Blanc's celebration of the intensely blue, immense and deep oceanic freshness) unfolds that infamous "blue" ozonic/marine woodsy-metallic calonic vibe which is the main characteristic of a huge amount of sporty casual fragrances (Bond N. 9 Wall Street or I love NY for the fathers, Lanvin Pour Homme, Rance 1795 Le Vainqueur, Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua, Nautica For Men, Polo Deep Blu, Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua and many many others) and consequently does not make it particularly original (though definitely dynamic and affordable to the folks). Ultra Blue is a quite woody/hesperidic ozonic scent particularly focused on pink pepper, synth ambergris, sporty patchouli, woods and a tad of final leather. There is in the air an exotic fruity vibe possibly provided by pineaple or something else (watermelon?). I detect something cool, slightly aromatic and coniferous in the aroma. The juice is deeply fresh, definitely peppery and uncompromisingly virile (on this sphere I see a common basic structure with the older brother Montblanc Explorer which in here is less rooty/amberish and more oriented on a salty-ozonic level). The salty/ozonic/metallic elements are heady and kind of tart lemony (citral, limonene). Patch and ambroxan are further key elements. All the rest is eugenol, geraniol, perhaps hedione and a few else.

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