Alityke's Review of Babylon Sunset / Says Alice by 4160 Tuesdays

My name is Alityke & I am a Says Alice/Babylon Sunset addict.

I confess I own big bottles of both Says Alice & Babylon Sunset. It it one of the happiest scents I've ever encountered.

A big girls night out or a hen party in a bottle!

Definitely feminine in fact I would say hyper-feminine. This is both RuPaul's Drag Race & the Chippendales audience in a bottle.

The notes are listed above but don't give any clue as to what this actually smells like. It is very well blended & seamless with the fruits holding their juicy presence throughout.

This is no way a “pink” fragrance but ruby, garnet, sapphire & emerald all glittering with facets of fruits & flowers.

I compare to the sainted Badgely Mishka's fruity floral but it lacks the plasticky note I found challenging in that.

Highly recommended

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