Alityke's Review of Azurée by Estée Lauder

I have worn Azuree for most of my life, right back to my late teens.
All the iterations, up until the change to standard bottles for Lauders classics, we're hesperidic, leather chypres in the tradition of Bernard Chant's oeuvre. Despite IFRA decimating the pallette that can be be used to create chypres, Lauder kept their's in excellent condition.

Sadly, I bought the latest version when I completed my last column shaped bottle. There has been a huge change in this latest reformulation!

This latest version opens as hesperidic, so far so good. The changes come later. In the heart the changes start to become apparent, a note & texture of “fattiness” creeps in. To me this is is a feeling more than a smell. It's that miasma in a British “greasy spoon” cafe. The cross of condensation from wet coats & breath, combined with constantly frying food with poor aircon & closed windows & doors.

I also now find the same note/texture in Alliage & Clinique Aromatic Elixir. I haven't tested Aramis & it will be interesting to see if this has changed in the same way when I do.

I'm very disappointed that Lauder has not maintained these classics. I don't know if it is due to budgetary or IFRA impositions, but I mourn their loss.

Will I search for older versions of Azuree? No, I have an ingrained scent memory of it & a retirement income precludes my vintage hunting anymore.

I will keep my current facsimile in the hope that maceration will bring it freedom from the sad “greasy spoon cafe” associations instead

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