Shahbaz_2009's Review of Slowdive by Hiram Green

Pure orgasmic bliss.one of the best honey/beeswax scent.this is not a beginners fragrance.i imagine a seriously glamorous chic slightly avant guard boss lady wearing this.a beautiful waxy floral balsamic nectar sweet.like a modern gourmand scent mixed with a distinct 1960s vibe.It is not sickly,synthetic or even very sugary at all.

While the honey is heavy waxy opening,it slowly dissipates into a beautiful harmony and waves of flower and resin.the perfume settles down into dense a pwdery base,but the honey is still there.Slowdive perfectly melds with the human body to feel more like an extension of you,the bee version of you.this is wonderfully powerful stuff,but not in a way that screams when you walk in a room.the sillage and longevity are nice.

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