alexmate's Review of Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

Fragrance In Three Words: new leather wallet

This is in the affordable range of Tom Ford fragrances and delivers on performance lasting a good 7 hours on skin with big projection if oversprayed.

Starts off with a smooth leather similar to the fresh smell you get when you take a new leather wallet out of a box. I get a slightly spicy, slightly herbal aroma, maybe cardamom and although not listed as a note I get pepper. Has a cloying amber haze that lingers, similar to Rouge Avignon.

This is a sexy clubbing scent at its heart. It stands out by using quality expensive aromachemicals from Giurvadan and being more obscure than say Y or Invictus. Value wise at around £120 for 100ml with discounters offering it for around £100 it is good value, but for similar money I would rather buy L'instant De Guerlain or Terre De Hermes.

Scores 7 out of 10.
Source: official carded sample from rep.

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