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I find myself largely frustrated by Egoiste. It might just be a preference thing admittedly, but although it smells very good, it also smells very common, probably because it has been copied, but I know enough to know that it also copied so much from the past itself. In essence, it perfects what came before it, but in return it lacks a certain distinctiveness in the modern day at least, and I've smelled enough to know it wasn't that unique even back in the 90s.

Its strength really lies in the craftsmanship which is undeniable, there are a lot of notes and they all seem to be expertly blended. Egoiste takes what was already around before in a variety of men's colognes and starts it out sparkling and fresh. This is really where it pulls you in, but the mids and base just dry down to a woody bases that were ubiquitous back then as now.

This creates a conflict especially with those that like to match the seasons, a conflict a lot of men's colognes seem to have, trying to start out fresh and end sensual. The intent seems to be to make it universal and trans-seasonal but the result is something that seems right for no season or weather in particular.

All that being said it might just be your favorite scent, to the point where everything else feels extraneous. But for me? Feels like it could have used more focus.

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