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I watched a Jeremy Fragrance Top Women's Perfumes video on YouTube and decided to try them all. I don't regret the experience, but it reinforced how we all have olfactory bias. His, decidedly, is for candy sweet with a praline note.
Unfortunately the praline uses an aromachemical that's been a bugaboo for me since forever. It always smells like burnt caramel to me and ruins any fragrance it's in. When that note's combined with fruit it becomes worse, like burnt fruit stew. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds. So many of his recommendations were really bad to me.
I've heard about La Vie Est Belle for years, so I don't know if this one started a trend, like popular ones invariably do, or if
it's copying the dna of a prior popular one (as perfumes invariably do). But I don't really care, they're all swimming in the same school of fish. Most of the ones I sampled in this group smelled of the same burnt fruity caramel.
I can see why it would be popular if you don't have aromachemical issues. It's bright, fun, vivacious, a little bit party-girl, sassy, feminine, sweet. But, like I said, it's similar to many other fragrances that can be described exactly the same way. And there's not a lot of depth, and a herd mentality. Who started it? I don't care. It's the fish school phenomenon - when you find that many similar ones you have the choice of picking the one you like most, not which came first.
I have to pass on the whole school of fish.

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