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Bergamot, neroli and petitgrain - the usual suspects to kick off the fresh opening blast of an Eau de Cologene - here thy are again - but here they are quite beautifully done.

Soon the top notes rescind and give way to an orange flour with whiffs of of white floral in the background. Later on white musks appear, infusing just a very restrained sweet-ish undertone, which expresses clean and soapy characteristics.

I get moderate sillage with adequate projection in the top notes that both weaken rapidly, with an overall longevity on five hours on my skin.

A traditional summer Cologne following the traditional path, but with well-made ingredients. Even the white musks, usually a blandly sweet affair, are of some charcater in their aroma. No Brownie points for originality her, just a traditional formula re-applied with skill and well-hone craft's skill. 3.5/5

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