Borzoi's Review of L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

The official note list from Tauer's website reads:

Top notes: alpine herbs, air accord, granite
Heart notes: alpine lily, powdery notes, green notes, spicy notes
Base notes: larch, beech, soil

With notes as ambiguous and unclear as these, you really don't know what to expect. And what I expected (crisp cold air, grass, the smell of alpine trees) is not at all what I got.
The fragrance opens up really great with fresh clean aldehydes that actually give a sense of openness and fresh air, but there is something strange and bubblegum-like underneath the surface waiting to pop up. This worried me a bit, and as the perfume progressed, I just felt the bubblegum grow as well as the laundry-like aldehydes along with a lot of powder. When the heart notes were in full power it was almost nauseating (and I sprayed two sprays!) and nothing like swiss alp air (which is a smell I love, and one I have smelled more than a couple times). This kept going for a long time and at this time I was considering scrubbing it off, but I prevailed, thinking the base would redeem it. Unfortunately my bravery didn't pay off, and in the end I was only left with a strong powdery scent.

This misses the mark completely in my opinion, but would probably work for people who love powdery aldehyde detergent bombs. Even so, this wouldn't smell like the swiss alps.

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