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He's a Gentleman who encounters a woodcutter in the forest.he helps the Gentleman to find the way to his house,but darkness falls and the Gentleman is forced to spend the night in the woodcutter's hut.The moments that pass between them is a bit scary.it creates reality,fantasy,illusion and nightmares.In fact,it depicts the image of a Gentleman who has a special kind of decency and honor at the same time,an interesting charm and coolness,which makes us accept him in the role of charismatic and memorable characters.Having the character of this man in these days when masculinity needs a new definition,it's still fascinating and impressive.He is a intelligent,well-spoken,resilient and determined man who has principles and ideas for himself in every situation and time and does not intend to go beyond them.however,in this time full of contradictory men,this Gentleman is a great treasure.

Great stuff and an 1970's masterpiece.this scent has a real sweet of honey,woodsy-animalic aroma making it absolutely stupendous.upon initial spray,it comes on quite bold and classy. with a captivating spice but sweet at the same time scent.half a minute latter you receive an avalanche of notes including sweet honey,patchouli,musk and well composed other notes that lead you to love this fragrance. you feel like you're in the presence of orchestra with conducteur mixing tons of lovable different notes and blending them together to form a symphony.when it dries down the patchouli with the cinnamon prevails,along with the honey and the musk and civet elements come in but faintly to give this fragrance more depth. that's my favorite part,it's very addictive.it's smooth and has a nostalgic vibe to it.great for anything expect hot wearher.this is a mature,confidant man.A reminder of 70's a time when was that men must smell manly.

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