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She is wonder woman(Gal Gadot). the princess of the amazons.she looks fabolous in her suffragette outfit with little spaces,but it's not until she strips down to her superheroine bodice and shorts,pulls out her sword,and leaps into the fray,that she comes into her own.fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars,she finally discover her full powers and true destiny.

The smell of the outdoors,on a perfectly cool night.sinful, naughty,mysterious.patchouli is always a love or hate scent.it's a patchouli bomb.the patchouli is so earthy and dirty here and the whole fragrance smells sweaty and kind of like cumin.jasmine can blend so well with others.that contrast between the sickly cotton candy sweetness,bitter chocolate and patchouli overdose does something very special.the great woody dry down is like being in the middle of the woods, the forest air smells of damp, earth and tree bark.

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