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Salome is Herod's step-daughter.a archetypal femme fatale,a figuere of desire and doom, embracing her own destruction.she is one of the women who dance for Herod and Herodias at a birthday celebration for Herod,who doring "The dance of the seven veils" the scent of her body combines with her animalic&erotic perfume and intoxicates every man around her,and claiming as her reward the head of John the Baptist.an bloody end...this is hot sex in a bottle,the kind of sex after a night dancing and mingling with armpits after everyone's cologne mixes with a little sweet and honey and musk and amber.animal fur,animal waste,sweaty human body.impulsive,brutal,rude, visceral,stanky,primitive,but also strange,erotically sweaty and ahhh,orgasmic in the retro style.

It start out harsh,but wait.be patient,gives way to sweetness, the floral notes tone it down the slightest bit which ends up being a perfect balance.a bed of cernation and the most beautiful renaissance rose.there is leather here alongside the earthy,musty patchouli.there is also a slight smokey smell like a recently extinguished candle.as it dries down you get that post-coital sexy funk-still well structured though.this fragrance is an ode to musk,leather and sex.the dry down is full of art and depth. this strikes me as being the scent of a man but a woman could definitely wear it.if you don't like leathery musky animalic scents then this one is not for you because it gets right down to dirty,sweaty sex like animals in heat.the sillage is great and the longevity is insane.

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