Shahbaz_2009's Review of First Eau de Parfum by Van Cleef & Arpels

An absolute masterpiece.First is such a cushion of elegance and beauty,a buffer against a world filled with tattoos,Wal-Folk and fast food.a romantic& sensual scent.imagine Olivia de Havilland mixture with Ava Gardner!a strong feminine white floral without the sharp aldehydes.First on healthy, blood-nourished,unbathed skin, becomes an alluring creamy floral perfume.it's black merino-wool turtleneck jumper perfect for holding a mug of coffe at a chic cafe.

It's very floral but not too heady.once you get over the intoxicating peachy aldehydes in the beginning,it develops into a floral and feminine scent.Ylang Ylang is kind of the princess above them all.i get hynocenth here as welltwirl into some darker activities with the dissolutes:powdery musk, sandalwood and vanilla makes a soft powdery,but secure scent that embodies it's wearer with dignity and femininity in a way that many fragrances fail to de currently.

The aldehydes are sparkling,and could be a perfect example to noses in training as an ultimate example of possibly the most successful use of such ingredients.If you're someone who's put off by big aldehydes (Chanel No.5)then First is a great starter into the aldehydic olfactory group.this is definitely no modern fly-by-night fragrance,this girl has got the confidence to go the distance.old lipstick with high heels and elegant trench coat maybe sexy black dress and perfect winger eyeliner.in colder weather though,especially on an evening out,this makes you believe you are a classy seductive parisian woman in 1976.

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