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i had the body lotion of this back in 08 or 09. probably because a whole bottle of designer fragrance wasn't exactly age appropriate for a 13-14 year old. nonetheless, i loved it then and i still love it now, after finally biting the bullet and tracking down a secondhand bottle now that i'm a grownup with my own money, haha!

it starts off as a very alcoholic, almost boozy strawberry-pear for me, and dries down to a lovely aquatic floral-fruit. the peach base note is quite apparent on my skin. while i don't think i would actively look for another fragrance like this one anymore, i have only pleasant memories and opinions of this scent, even if it was totally out of my league as a teen. i find it quite sexy and probably aimed at a slightly older age group with a more refined and educated taste in fragrance and i have no idea how i managed to appreciate it so much as a peabrained 14 year old, but i'm certainly not complaining, lol.

i will take good care of my bottle so i can appreciate the good memories as long as possible, and if by some chance it ever gets rereleased, maybe i'll wear it regularly again!

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