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Those of you who miss the burnt tyre accord that rules Bvlgari Black, welcome in. Not surprisingly ANNICK MERNADO is behind both Bulgari Black and Patchouli 24. WEIRDLY she even has Acqua Di Gio on her resume! It's like being Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber at the same time. Where did that come from??!! This opens with an inescapable Acrid/Sharp Leather/rubber. Soon after, you will recognise this as an Amber (cardboard) scent. The smoke and incense and old fashioned (Musky) vanilla confirms this. Many niche Ambers have the same backbone, and 24 lives up to most. An hour in and this smells almost identical to Bulgari Black, where the leather remains quite a tenacious partner. This is leather and rubber soaked in vinegar presented in a tank full of smoke made up of CIVETY 😻 vanilla (Please do not confuse for candy vanilla❌ ) If you're a leatherhead and Amber enthusiast. This is way up your niche. While the other fan faves have got my praises, No. 24 has got my sincere respect. Niche, bold, smoke, Civet, leather in a syringe with needle pungence. This is basically Bulgari Black Rebottled.

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