pince_nez's Review of Vétiver by Christian Dior

A deconstructed, elegant, minimalist, and superb take on vetiver. And by far, my favorite.
The effervescence and tartness of grapefruit gives the fragrance a youthful and fresh opening and tempers vetiver's inherent earthiness and medicinal green-ness.
While the coffee note at the base adds a complexity and heft to it without weighing it down.
Seamless and superbly blended, it beguiles.

Definitely unisex and a good introduction to those that generally feel vetiver is not to their liking.

Sadly discontinued. I wish Maison Dior would have the good sense to bring this back, instead of their current pale and aquarelle offerings that are wan and bloodless.

A masterpiece in my book, and highly recommended!

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