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Happy to finally be sampling Slowdrive, the seemingly most publicized release and my first try of the house of Hiram Green, certainly living up to the hype as a sweet/spicy/fresh/floral honey scent, with the honey/amber accord being dominant but excellently accented by the supporting case of notes, and it feels irresponsible to omit them: neroli, orange flower, tobacco blossom, tuberose, honey, dried fruit, resin. I do not detect tuberose or tobacco blossom per se but there is a general floral quality to it beyond simply the orange blossom and neroli.

Its opening is loud, with some of the spiciness especially coming out strong, before drying down to a more agreeable (albeit still strong) blend, still with the honey resin aspect being most prominent but with the dried fruit and spices being complemented by the fresher floral bits.

Also, Slowdive certainly has a slight sweet side but overall leans more to the floral and spicy side that more gourmand-leaning amber/honey scents (Zoologist Bee and Rania J. Ambre Loup come to mind, of recent favorites. Its dry down is quite balanced overall, though, and quite lovable.

Slowdive is in EDP concentration, priced at $165 for 50ml and sold in the US by Luckyscent, Twisted Lily, and Ave Parfum, though is only currently in stock at Luckyscent. The pricing seems very reasonable given the quality and potency, and I can see why Slowdive seems to have a good reputation.

8 out of 10

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