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The younger brother of the venerable Polo by Ralph Lauren. That one was a green/ fresh/ piney/ collegiate all-American preppy. This new Tom Ford was raised in the Continent in the manner of Roman "la dolce vita." Suave, urbane, and endowed with a considerable dose of "sprezzatura" as only the Italians have. They are kin, but not alike.
A perfectly balanced and invigorating mix of citrus and basil opens this wonderful juice, then quickly segues into the dominant green and refreshing piney note that lingers all the way to the end. Mint colors the pine a little, then the drydown becomes woody and a little powdery.

By far one of the better Tom Fords around. It's a shame it got discontinued. Scour the internet to get one, if you can.

Tenacious and clingy. With moderate sillage. This is one beautiful Italian.

Highly recommended!

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