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All over vetiver

The opening somehow turns the smell of grapefruit green, but that bitter citrus never smells too much or takes over the opening to smell like a citrus scent. In its heart is displays different aspects of vetiver. It has the earthy reedyness, slight smoke, and peaking soapiness all swirling around. It feels like a study in vetiver. I would have sworn there were multiple different vetiver oils in here blended together, though I see nothing of that in the note range. I found it to be pretty strong for the first hour or so, almost feeling heavier than I usually prefer a vetiver frag to be. Doesn't smell harsh are chemically. For me, it is not something I would track down and pay drastic money for. It is competent, and well done, and I don't really get why it would be axed. Maybe those who are in the market for vetiver are generally looking for something less present and/or expensive. I'm grading this based on the fragrance as a thumbs up. In a retail setting at normal retail price it seems about right. Unicorn status, eh.

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