N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer's Review of Flora & Fauna by Rogue Perfumery

At the time of reviewing there were no official notes listed so I went by what my nose was telling me.

It's a reasonably complex scent but one that I'm familiar with. After a few wearings I conclude it smells very similar to the vintage formulation of Guerlain Vol de Nuit. There's quite a few notes that I believe I'm smelling. There's a floral accord that I believe has at least some orris roots and iris. There's also some spices in the mid as well. As the scent progresses it sweetens slightly which makes me believes there's an oriental notes of either vanilla or benzoin. At the base I pick up on woods and some oak moss. Florals, oriental, and chypre is what I get out of Floral & Fauna. The performance is great, I'm getting good silage for the first few hours before the scent recedes closer to the skin. Very calming soothing this scent is, the drydown is wonderful. A definite winner.

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