skillz16's Review of Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

The beginning of this is way, way too strong. As others mentioned, it smells "old Manish." I would say that this persists until about 3 hours in, once the drydown starts to hit.

Then once that drydown is here, I occasionally get the best waft of something amber-y ever! It is just not worth it to me to have to go through the top strong first hours to get there...

This falls into one of those that I either wear only at home, or as mentioned that I need to be able to put on about 3 hours before leaving anywhere, so that kind of limits it. Oddly enough like they say, my cat he love it. Haha.

Quick disclaimer: after experimenting with frags over the past two years or so, in which I bought about 8 total, I've become less of a fan of traditional "masculine" scents, and more leaning toward the "warm and aromatic" or sweet ones.

IE I'm honestly not the biggest fan of Oriental type frags here now, along with those with tobacco and leather, etc. So take this review with this in mind.

My overall: 5/10
Projection: 10/10, is a monster!
Silage: 9/10

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