rogalal's Review of Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne

FYI, this perfume has been renamed Patchouli Riviera.

This kicks of with a pleasant mix of black pepper and citrus (mostly grapefruit on me). Green kitchen herbs come in next (maybe basil and definitely rosemary). As the citrus fades, it makes way for a polite patchouli, made especially green by the herbs, without any of the oil or dank that patchouli sometimes carries. Hours later, it dries down to a mix of patchouli and iso e super, so it keeps that peppery overtone, but gets more creamy and smoky with wisps of incense.

With all this talk of citrus over herbs over smoky patchouli, this sounds like it should be a hardcore powerhouse, but it's actually very light and airy. Not weak by any means, but "chemically buoyant", if that makes sense as a description. I've quite enjoyed it - I thought it might be a bit thin for winter, but it's been perfect, though I imagine it could also work in hot weather. Nice!

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