rbaker's Review of Colonia Pura by Acqua di Parma

The opening is by a nice orange-bergamot dyad, with the bergamot lagging behind the orange in importance during the initial blast. The is not really sweet, and although there is neither a typical Chinotto nor an actual grapefruit component to it, I can detect a subtle bitterness that is emphasisied by a bit of petitgrain in the background.

In the the drydown the development shifts to the floral, with jasmine and hyacinth present, and AI also get whiffs of oleander blend in well. The florals remain a bit uninspiring on me, and a bit dull at times.

The most interesting heart note is an agreeable coriander, which moves into the foreground and where it stays for some time.

In the base I still get the coriander note, but gradually it is replaced by a mix of patchouli and musks. The patchouli is soft, smooth, light and rather discrete. The white musks are not sweet and quite nondescript. Both components are underlined by a woodsy undertone in the background, with touches of cedar at times, but mainly just a general wood impression.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

The summery scent's forte is the nice orange-dominated top note, which is a bit less refreshing and bright than some other openings produced by this house, but is still a good start. Unfortunately, the heat nites and particularly the base becomes increasingly generic and towards the end rather weak and predictable. Overall 2.75/5.

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