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I suppose one of the main problems with the original Terre d'Hermes and its stronger Parfum variant is that it's not generally seen as very "fresh" and people want freshness. The problem is with that is I always thought the Terre opening was quite fresh due to the natural citrus, it only lost that freshness during the latter parts of it.

Eau Tres Fraiche (very fresh water) version of this makes an attempt at creating a more fresh, summery version of original TdH, but it does this not by messing with the woody, not-so-fresh dry down but by simply replacing the well-balanced orange with a more sharper aquatic citrus accord. It would had made much more sense to make it more fresh or aquatic or even floral into the dry down, the woods at the bottom are simply not tres fraiche. In short, it fails to do what it set out to do.

On top of that, we're back down to the wimpy EdT concentration, and after enjoying the Parfum strength so much, it feels like a significant step down. If you like the opening more than the original EdT then it's fine, but for me there's just little reason for this to exist.

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