Melbourne Man's Review of L'Animal Sauvage by Marlou

L'Animal Sauvage introduces itself with fluttering eyelashes of a powdered, creamy floral accord. But this combination of violet and orange blossom is just a facade for the true personality of this perfume. Within a few minutes i find myself wondering how this pretty opening turned into this still pretty, but quite slutty perfume.

The first sense of “animal” i get is what I can only describe as powdered fur. Some nondescript mammal that someone has sprayed with Shalimar or some other scent of that ilk. Following this stage, the imagery i get from this perfume is more realistic yet no less bizarre.

The first time someone smelled this on me, their immediate response was that this smelled exactly like the décolletage powder their mother used to wear on fancy dressed-up occasions. It is clear that stuff had some smell. But as happens often with me, this suggested imagery has screwed itself securely to the inside of my brain, and I can't shake it out or imagine it as anything else now. I had a chain smoking, heavily made-up, middle-age aunt as a child in the 70s. Most of the time, this perfume reminds me of her – after she had sprayed some cheap perfume over herself to cover up the smell of the man she had just slept with.

I know I am not making this sound attractive so far but really, this is one of those perfumes that is much better to smell than to imagine. L'Animal Sauvage doesn't really develop a hell of a lot from the “whore's bath” stage onwards, but there is a sumptuously blended musk and civet combination that takes centre stage. The tang of the civet like the glowing outline of sun behind the musky beige clouds. Finally deep into the dry down, the musk fog lands softly on a creamy wood base. It is at this point that L'Animal Sauvage spreads its warm hands over your cheeks and through your hair, while it breathes its warm breath on your face.

If you love this type of soft, but still animalic musk with average to soft projection, and between 6 – 8 hours longevity.

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