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Dior Homme Sport - Dior
Lends its wet sticky watery-fresh ginger note straight from L'eau d'Issey and the cooked-herbs on hedione-seebreeze one from Cool Water. Very nice grapefruit on lemon opening, very zesty and energetic together with some anisic-lavender. The natural dried-rooted ginger is a great lead-out for the sparkling green vetiver which shines already through and camphorous-herbal rosemary adds some dry-earthy coolness. A perfectly fitted sticky-sweet resinous cederwood with a deep 'woodchips' note provides some grip and leads to a slight salty ambroxan/iso-e-super base with a tone of santal. Energetic, refined and elegant at the same time, this makes a great leisure perfume or a re-vitalizing tonic after extensive exercise. Nice work, but a bit too thin and leightweight smelling. Semi-thumbs up.

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