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Man - Calvin Klein
A strong, bold and hard-muscled perfume with a spartan and assertive character. Kicks off with a fresh herbal-terpenic blast of rosemary, juniper and lavender that strikes as very natural. This setting continues with a note of slightly camphorous pencil shavings, oily gasoline and a coumarine/fresh hay tone that gets really cranked up in volume. In this, a note of warm nutmeg and a chalky-herbal waxy-cool spearmint join the party, that seem to temper down the force of this perfume. The dryout adds a dry and warm incense-cypreswood in the mix with a little  smokyness and a dark raspy tone while the sweet- and softness of sandelwood keeps it in balance. Also here, the terpenic-camphorous force keeps up its volume, although not as dominant as in the middle. Man smells as how metal feels- hard and solid and complements men who know exactly what they want in life and how to get it. Very solid stuff.

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