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Crave - Calvin Klein
Lightweight and abstract scent, stripped of any kind of attachment or heavy burden, very freefloating and airy.  Comes in with a splash of cold watery freshness that morps into a chalky-green tonality and dry-cool herbal waxy notes. Kind of reminds of the smell of cleaning out an aquarium, a lightweight green lichen-like scent. Gets a note of soap, fresh sweat and a green pepperminty flavor thats really nice, showing great display of harmonic sour, bitter, and sweet tones. Dryout is a manifesto of clean soapy-musk with a fresh-indolic vibe and a green-vetiver one with a slight musty waxy-earthyness covered with a sandelwood-vanilla sweetness. Very refined and smelling almost just as lightweight and airy as the start, its fluffy and a bit misty. Its has a cool and sexy quality and radiates equal amounts of attraction and rejection. Crave is a little masterpiece, forgotten and overlooked, I think its brilliant.

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