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Mmm...Issara is beautiful. I love it! This is such a smooth blend of green notes, coumarin's vanillia and hay presence along with just a tiny shot of bourbin vetiver, oakmoss and ever so slight muskiness. I wish I smelled the individual pine note in the opening as well as pine in the mids...but I don't. That's my only beef with this fragrance, well...that and it's lack of projection. I'd like it to be a bit more forward and not so much a skin scent, which it is. The scent itself however is marvelous! I completely agree with teardrop that there is a definite Chergui vibe to Issara, but I prefer Issara to Chergui. Issara is ridiculously overpriced. It's supposed to be an extrait, but it performs like an EDV which translated is Eau d Vapor. Meaning it's more a will-o-the wisp than it is a liquid fragrance. All these things aside however, I want a bottle of Issara. Smelling this fragrance makes me feel a great sense of well being and rightness in the world...LOL...

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