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Madly Kenzo - Kenzo
What a pretty, good-humored happy perfume with a vibrant pulsation this is! Cherry/strawberry/melon sorbet opening with a sour 'bubbly' swing to it that morphs into a rose/jasmine/helitrope floralness and from here it develops a lot of associate-notes. Like bitting into the flesh of a perfectly ripe mango. Wet speedo that lay drying on warm rocks in the sun close to the beach. The way candy cane tastes like while chewing on it. The dryout adds
a fuzzy candy-floss vanilla note and a milky-like white musk. Overall ot has a very well balanced ratio of sweet-sour-bitter-salty impressions and the slightest projection of burned-rubbery undertones. There is also a freshness present that smells like looking through cristalclear cleaned windows while the sun is shining.
Every time I smell Madly it makes me smile and I dont know why- I guess small things can create the greatest joy.

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