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I had a lot of questions about this fragrance. The concept of "good" fragrances for younger humans may seem excessive at first, but there's no doubt that they many of them could use it. Soap and water and shampoo only go so far. My main question was what age range and specific purpose the spray might have. Is it one for actual babies, to cover up the smell of soil? Younger children, older children? Is it meant to be some kind of daily fragrance for bourgey private school, or something for weddings and piano recitals? After giving it one sniff, I quickly came to the conclusion that this fragrance is for absolutely no one, and my only remaining question is what in the flippin' heck the creators were thinking.

Before now, sometimes I said "this made me gag", usually as an exaggeration. This stuff after one sniff was enough to make me stomach seriously curl, and cause me to throw the test card away from me. I don't exactly know why it causes such a recoil, it might be whatever they're using instead of alcohol. Being a masochist I forced myself to smell it some more to see if it was something could grow on me, and while the urge to spew could be suppressed, there is little else positive to say about it. The only thing I smell from the pyramid is a heaping of plum coated in 20 layers of sugar, it smells like the plastic baby embedded deep inside of a King Cake (look it up), sickly sugary sweetness that somehow never smells pleasant for even a millisecond.

In theory, a fragrance for children would focus itself on being as pleasant as possible, fruits with some flowers mixed in, there is literally no reason to make it more complicated than that. I wasn't joking about wanting to sit down the perfumers and ask them what exactly they were going for, as nothing here seems to make any kind of sense, and it doesn't seem like Creed would do something so abominable without some kind of reason. In any case, I would douse a baby in Creed Aventus or even Drakkar Noir before giving them a spritz of this literally sickening garbage.

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