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I fail to understand why this scent is bashed herein. Because on me this take on oudh with marine notes is -- awesome!
I sampled this yesterday at Barneys. First on a scent card, then on myself. The result was nothing short of amazing!
If by marine or seaweed notes you immediately conjecture Acqua di Gio pour homme or L'eau d'Issey, you would be off the mark. This is not the ephemeral, Calone-inspired, sea breeze-tinged fragrance of yesteryears. Rather a new take on oudh. An odd combination really. And rather way out on left field.
It stands out because it is so unexpectedly delightful. It basically is not meant to work well, this combination. But it does, surprisingly!
On first sniff you get a green/ spicy/ vegetal whiff that connotes driftwood or seaweed. It is not sharp. More rounded, but has an edge. There is a touch of earthiness in it -- like vetiver. The smokiness and medicinal aspect of the oudh is not front and center. Rather it muted, made to play in the background.
What you get is a marine-inspired oudh fragrance that is imminently wearable, versatile, refined, and well-behaved. This oozes class.
Sillage is good. And this is not too dark to wear, even in Spring.


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