RHM's Review of Florentina by Sylvaine Delacourte

After trying samples in both the musk & the vanilla collections from this house, Florentina was the one I purchased. It's unusual for me to fall in love with a musk centric sent, especially one containing violet. I've thought myself anosmic to musks for years & violet has never been a favorite note of mine & neither has orange blossom. In fact, some carnation notes even cause me physical distress.
My expectations were low upon sampling this fragrance. Yet, somehow, some way or another, Florentina is a stunningly feminine, long lasting, nose-stuck-to-my-wrist (I kid you not) scent on my skin.

Florentina is seamlessly blended with no one singular note standing out amidst the whole. It stays close to the skin, or so I thought until the compliments began rolling in. The scent is powdery, but not aggressively so. I am partial to powdery scents but I'm picky too. L'Heure Bleue has been my standard by which I compare this group of fragrances. I also have the Prada Infusion d'Iris. LHB is more gourmand & IdI is a "brighter" scent, as compared to Florentina. It is a welcome addition to my collection of iris-centric fragrances.

The sample program is the way to go to explore this line.

Highly recommended.

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